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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  July 24, 2010 6:00am-7:30am EDT

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now in his seventh year and judge greg matthis. thank you for joining us. how you doing? hello there, everybody. here in atlanta, georgia this is cnn saturday morning for the 24th of july. look what we have here. >> look what the cat dragged in. >> we can't get rid of you. keeps coming back. always good to have you in here. good morning to you. >> good morning. and yes you might not know it
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but it is 6:00 a.m. here in atlanta and it is 5:00 a.m. in mississippi. thanks for starting your day with us, everybody. all of you, everyone is watching the gulf because of bonnie. bonnie is making its way across the region. i has weakened to a depression after hitting florida. admiral thad allen says those who have been working to try and stop the oil spill and finally kill the well are getting out of the gulf as a precaution and drilling has been suspended. >> also, out of washington d.c., 241 teachers waking up today without a job. told they are fired. why? because they are not getting the job done. this is all part of a new teacher assessment system. they are in d.c. d.c. 241 teachers out of there. we'll talk about how many other
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teachers are on notice as well. and a lot of us love this picture. a lot of people thought it was too perfect. a couple had their ship attacked essentially by a whale. this picture was caught from a distance. now we have new video to show you that may prove that in fact this is the real deal. >> and you will want to see this. it is actually quite fascinating. first let's get you back to one of the big stories we are following as tropical storm bonnie churns in the gulf. have been moved out of arm's way but the coast guard is still monitoring the sealed oil well cap from the air and via satellite. we have team coverage of bonnie's approach to the gulf coast. we are here in the weather sent wer the latest tracking data. we are live in grand isle,
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louisiana. let's start with jackie. what's the latest? >> reporter: bonnie has weakened quite a bit ichlt is over the open waters. you get worried this time of the year because the water is so warm but we have a couple of things working against it. one of which are the strong winds. 35 mile per hour are the maximum sustained winds at this hour. so that means we could be seeing landfall as early as 24 hours from now. where is this thing going? you can see the forecast track. here is is the center of the storm right now and it is heading towards louisianament the cove of uncertainty is pretty small. and then stretches all the way over towards the texas louisiana state line. we think that some strengthening is going to be possible but it will probably be minimal so we could get back up to tropical
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storm status. right now the winds rotate counter clockwise. that is good news. however, as we head down the line and it continues on the northwesterly track, we will see the winds change and they will come in from the southeast and it will pull it closer towards shore. so it certainly will be having some impact. we do have tropical storm warnings which have been posted to stretch over towards december tin, florida. those conditions are expected very shortly. we will see the wind gusts probably in these squalls later on for today. also want to show you the satellite picture here and what that's doing for bonnie. you can see the little burst of convection that helps you understand how close some of those are going be. rainfall amounts on the range of
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one to three inches and is storm surge about one to three feet. not a major impact with this storm. kate and t.j., back to you. >> all right. so it's going be on one side of the oil slick, that's good. and on the other side lit be bad. good to have you as well, jackie. right now we have to stop the clean-up efforts. the good thing is we were able to get the cap in place. when the ships have to leave, we can still keep oil from going into the gulf. that is great, great news. >> they hope. and they hope that everything stays in place. there is always the chance. >> and we have seen that throughout. >> not everything has been going as pland. we will get the latest.
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reynold, what is going on? >> reporter: the retired commander has pulled the boats back to safe har por. this will be a very close eye using not only seismic readings but also a bit of sonar. yesterday was one of the shops involved in the two process here. 5,000 feet of them. so again they are going be pulling a lot of ships back which is something that they have to do safeguard as this boat, this storm comes closer. but i will tell you at the same time there are definitely a lot
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of activity taking place on the shore. down at grand isle they have been moving some of the booms, pulling it on shore and putting some of the pressure absor bant boom as the storm comes closer, maybe bringing in from two to three feet. and they are making those preparations. back to you. >> just real quickly what type of disruption are we talking about? i have heard different number of days that this could delay the clean up and the work to get the relief wells in place and ready to go. what type of disruption are we talking about now that bonnie is a depression? how does this all work? >> i would say you will at least have a set back of a couple of days. at the same time there are b benefits. salt water is corrosive.
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if it ends up being sustained. there is definitely a benefit of having that water mixing up. it will help break up some of the oil which is great. at some point what this system may do is actually push much of this oil a bit closer to the shoreline. especially in some of the environmentally sensitive areas. that's anary owe that we don't want to see played out. the cap is still in place and they are confident that it will remain in place just fine. just the long term delay that we have. back to you. >> at least it's staying in place.
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>> we will talk to you throughout the morn iing. she said specifically that this has bp been a difficult assignment on so many levels. >> the first lady was briefed at an emergency operations senter and she krissened a coast guard cutter. she is the coast guard's first female commissioned officer and i believe she broke a bottle on the ship. >> that seems fun. >> it would be fun. i have no idea how often that happens. >> she is the honorary chair for that ship. that was a nice moment.
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>> a submersible. amber takes a trip in this thing. it looks like a bubble and it has a lot of stuff going in and around it but it is helping with the oil, at the oil disaster site and we will show you how it all works. and the woman at the center of a media fire storm meets with the family she was accused of discriminating against. >> this is is the story that captivated the country for a week. there you see together again shirley sherrod. i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. introducing total plus omega-3 honey almond flax cereal.
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hey there, everybody. 11 minutes past the hour. we are just going take a moment here, take a breath. seems that we need to after everything we have seen this week. after the naacp, the tea party and the shirley sherrod. >> yes, taken out of
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>> and of course sherrod has already had one very important meeting with the white farmer she helped so many years ago. she was talking about this farmer and it was the whole reason this whole situation started and she learned then that the real differences between people usually come down to money not race and the couple remains grateful today. >> you need to stop and is think before you -- >> before you make a judgment. >> before you run your mouth or take a step. nowhere you are going. that's right. know where you are going and you will stay out of trouble. do unto others as you would have them do unto you and that will save you a lot of heartbreak.
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>> tonight looking at shirley sherrod. and a little imagination could get you in a movie and it will be put together by an oscar winning director. >> josh? >> an average day when we are not at work. think your lives are interesting? >> sorry. >> no, no, no. >> if there were a day when we didn't work, would our life be interesting enough to be interesting enough to be a movie? >> don't need to think about that. the answer would be no. >> you don't know what i do when i leave here. >> i don't need to know. >> you have a major hollywood duo who could take your life today only and turn it into a documentary.
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do you believe that whatever you are doing right now -- >> you tube has teamed up to produce a movie about what people all over the world do in a single day.
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>> today's day is july 24 and they are looking at 24/7 and that is why they chose the day. 7/24, 24/7. the idea is that every person is invited to send a video. we have a video here that youtube put together. you can take video of whatever you are doing. you might be having a really exciting day. you might be getting married. you might be going about your normal business. what they are say something they want whatever it is to be submitted on youtube so you get a chance to take part in this. one of the people behind this is kathy mcdonald.
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>> it could be your journey at work, going a hospital to visit a friend, your birthday. or something much more meaningful or emotional. knocking down a building next to where you lived. the death of a friend. a little snapshot of your life. >> and the executive producer is ridly scott. he talks about this as an opportunity aspiring film makers out there or maybe you are someone who has another job says here is your shot to learn your craft and ultimately maybe have your work in this documentary. here is what ridley scott says. >> it should be personal and it must be personal. the key is what appeals to you as the author. think from here. really think about why that sunrise makes you happy. you have a digital camera, go out and shoot your film there is no excuse.
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>> when he talks ability about no excuse there is one if you don't have a camera. youtube folks are working with poor communities and bringing cameras, simple cameras to poor communities in order to make sure that as many people as possible can take part of it. they will take just a few submissions. take a look at it. i would definitely hope as many people as possible take part. you never know if you will end up in this documentary. it will premier january, 2011 at sun dance. not bad for an average saturday. >> that will be fascinating. i am sure at least i am extremely boring. >> i think i am boring. >> i am sure there are fascinating people out there that do fun things on their days off. >> some do. >> i may be boring but you know
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t.j. >> i can't get fired. >> can't get fired. >> all right. >> thanks. >> another fascinating topic. you have heard of your typical bear trap. i don't know what a typical bear trap would be. one family caught a bear without trying. >> they have their own bear trap. the family car. we will tell you how this whole thing works coming up on this cnn saturday morning. [ female announcer ] elasticity. firmness. imagine that kind of vitality... -- in your skin. [ female announcer ] new from aveeno: ageless vitality. bio-minerals and active naturals formulas for improved firmness, texture, wrinkles and spots. new ageless vitality. save $20 at
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a suspected u.s. drone attack killed 16 militants. five missiles are believed to have hit a compound. the region used to be a nerve center until an offensive chased most of the fighters away.
6:23 am
and 241 teachers were fired in d.c. because they failed an evaluation. 737 other teachers have been put on notice for minimally effective grading they received. and tension between the two koreas as the united states and south korea go ahead with plans for massive joint military drills scheduled for tomorrow, north korea is threatening with nuclear deterrence. the u.s. says the drills are in response to the south korea war ship. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ your teddy bear ♪ put a chain around your neck ♪ and leave me anywhere >> not quite a teddy bear story but a bear none the less. a bear behind the wheel. a bit of a joyride. >> deputies piece together the tail this way. a neighbor heard a car horn at 3:00 a.m. came out to see this colorado family's car rocking back and forth. by the time the family got up and is went outside, no car. car is gone. the bear had somehow gotten behind the wheel, put the car in neutral and road it down a 25
6:26 am
foothill. it was apparently lured by a left over peanut butter sandwich. sheriffs departments let the bear out. he finally took off. he shredded the interior. not very kind of him. >> we go from bears to whales now. this story a lot of people will be familiar with. the picture was just perfect. a lot of people thought it had been photo shopped of some kind. there is the picture we were talking about. this whale essentially destroy this ship. >> you can't really believe this right? check out this amateur video that we now have. the situation was real. see it? and it was very scary and it could have been a lot worse. i am sure we will show it again.
6:27 am
the couple on a sailboat were on a whale watching expedition. turns out the whale was just as curious as they were. and is it literally crashed the party. crash landing on the deck of their boat hitting the mast. but the boat wasn't badly damaged. >> it wasn't? >> apparently not as bad as it could have been. they were sailing without their engine on and that's why the whale did not hear them. they said it could have been a lot worse. >> i think the whale is okay. it left some skin behind but for the most part it was not too severely injured. >> now you can believe it, folks. >> so tropical depression bonnie is having a direct impact on the disaster in the gulf. >> we will have the latest on where the storm is going. we will be live to see what the coast guard is doing prepare for the rain and wind. >> and one woman falls on to the
6:28 am
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>> hello to you all. >> good to have you all here with us. >> let's get a check of the top stories. two bombings in southern afghanistan killed five u.s. soldiers today. more than 70 international troops have died this month including more than 50 americans. and the pentagon is in the middle of a child porn investigation. some have top security clearance. they allegedly bought or accessed porn on the internet sometimes using their government computers to view it. the investigation which the boston globe made public has been going on for several years.
6:32 am
and a cnn original has died. daniel schorr died friday morning at a washington d.c. hospital. he was 93 years old. after his years with cbs he landed a major interview with president jimmy carter. we are keeping a close. >> and they should be. it is going have a huge impact. all of the vessels have gone on out of there and it has more to do with the wave action really more than anything else. the winds are pretty light at this hour.
6:33 am
looking at 35 miles per hour. but this could strengthen a little bit. >> where is it. that's not even well formed. >> t i's not well organized and it's hard to pick out. you can't look at a satellite. you have got look at the winds and it's somewhere within here. let me show you the track and you will have a better idea. and there you can see it. it's about over 250 miles away from the coastline of louisiana and the mouth of the mississippi river here. some strengthening is possible. this could happen in the next 24 hours. we think it will be about 24 hours before landfall would take place. what is it doing to the oil right here? you can see where the slick is. winds move counter clock wise so they are pushing any existing oil out there offshore so that is good news out there and the wave action helps to break it up a little and disperse it. at this time things are okay.
6:34 am
however, as that storm system continues that northwesterly track and gets into this area, those winds are going othe be moving in like this. that's going be pushing in closer towards the coastline and that's a problem as well as the storm surge. that will bring it further inland than it normally would have become. we do have watches and warnings in effect. stretching over towards the december tin area. we will be seeing showers and showers. i do want to mention some thunderstorms here. these are the big ones. strong to severe causing flash flooding. we are seeing lots of problems in the chicagoland area. use a lot of caution. we expect to see delays at the airport. some of the storms could be
6:35 am
severe. there you could see flash flood watches and warnings. there are 22 states under heat advisories stretching all the way down towards the gulf coast. so very uncomfortable. and you know, when you talk about the tropical storm or the tropical depression as it makes its way towards the gulf coast the high pressure system is in place. >> and watching it all in the gulf. reynold wolf is live. what sort of impact are we talking about here.
6:36 am
-- >> reporter: getting closer to the static kill. but let's get to the positive aspects. one, with the enhanced wave action what it can do is break up much of the oil that is still out there. there is still plenty of oil out there. salt water is very corrosive so it can break down a lot of the emulsified oil. another great aspect and i haven't heard too many people speak of it but this is a great dress rehearsal for what may come. this is a hot bed of tropical activity. this is the gulf of mexico. we are fwound have a busy season. we are really getting to the peak of the season. so there is a chance we will see this scenario play out again.
6:37 am
>> 50 foot sections stacked on the ship and brought back closer to shore. there are boats that will remain out there. boats will basically be watching and observing this with seismic sensors and is sonar. and you have the boats out there controlling the underwater robots designed to handle rough seas. they should be in fairly good shape. you have a lot of people busy, too. oil has penetrated the booms. that has been shipped away from
6:38 am
the coast in case there is any kind of storm surge. certainly a busy time. of course we have the good and bad aspects. >> the good, the bad, not coming from an ugly. thank you reynolds. i had to do it. >> it works. >> anyway. g get me off the camera. >> we will move on to submersibles now. we have been covering this in so many ways. we are trying to determine the severity of contamination. to get there we have to use a manned submersible and researchers are going do just that and they are allowing us to tag along. this sub is able to descend up to 3,000 feet. it is about to be deployed.
6:39 am
>> as you can see it's very windy out here. we are heading out into the middle of the gulf with a team of researchers this is called a manned submersible. and we're going to be going there looking for oil to go there. we will be using this claw here to collect samples and also collect some fish and get baseline research here. >> there is a plexiglass tube. >> that is fascinating. if you see a fish you just suck it in? >> sometimes the fish are a little bit faster than we are.
6:40 am
sometime wes are lucky, too. there is also a scoop. >> okay. i see. >> if the weather permits, amber will be going out in that submersible. you will see her reports throughout the day. hopefully, weather permitting starting this afternoon. >> absolutely. and dramatic video out of canada as a pilot practices for a weekend air show. >> he lost control of his plane and look at what happens next. it is 40 minutes past the hour here on this cnn saturday morning. details coming up. ven.
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this could have been a horrible story but it turned out well. >> we should say that up front. it turned out well. sometimes you hear stories of amazing bravery and here is one that was actually caught on tape. >> look at this. this is is is here in the atlanta area. you see that woman walking by? walks right on to the train tracks. turns out she is visually impaired and she came off walking at a good clip and walked right on to the platform. everyone came to her rescue. people jumped on and rushed to her safety and started to pull her up. here is the video again icht's like she had no idea what was in front of her and fell on to the
6:44 am
tracks. >> and it could have been easily a horrible situation they remained anonymous. the train stopped four feet from where she lay on the tracks. she is okay as far as we know. but although people remain anonymo anonymous. we would love to speak with them. >> you know how to get ahold of us. so many different ways between facebook and tweeting. >> not hard to track us down. >> and call kate. we will have her cell phone number up here shortly. a lot of people like to remain anonymous. >> i do respect that. >> it could have been so different. >> some other startling difference.
6:45 am
>> you can see the jet overing there. seems like it is almost stuck in midair but they realize that he is in trouble. you see him eject. he got out of there just a second before the plane crashes. you don't see how close he was to this plane crashing. he kuz get out. was injured. not seriously. now the canadian military are looking into the cause of the accident but the pilot was able to get out. amazing video we have got for you. and is we have been hearing about a lot of cities and states having to cut back. we are seeing cut backs here and there. >> absolutely. >> but in one spot the way you will notice the shortfall is when you go into the bathroom stall.
6:46 am
>> you did not miss this. some might call this a unique way to stop flushing mup down the toilet. stay with us.
6:47 am
and checking our top stories now, a suspected u.s. drone attack in pakistan killed 16 alleged militants. at least five missiles are believed to have hit a compound. the region used to hit a nerve center. chased most of the fighters away. the u.s. military does not comment as a practice on
6:48 am
reported drone attacks. and a huge shake up in the d.c. public school system. 241 teachers fired. the school's chancellor said they were poor performers or had not been licensed. other employees have been given a year to improve or they themselveses will be fired. and a new escalation on the korean peninsula. this time it's over joint military exercises set to begin tomorrow. the u.s. defense department says the drills are in response to a singeing of a south korean war ship. it is warned that they will counter the exercises with powerful nuclear deterrence. ony that grew stronger through the crisis. when some lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clients and turning uncertainty into confidence.
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all right. ten minutes until the top of the hour. you have been places where it is is byob. bring your own booze. you work in the city of newark, new jersey you may have to bring your own toilet paper to work. >> yes. among other things this is on the list of things to stop spending money on. they are in a big budget crisis.
6:52 am
it is asking whether this is really the best way to wipe out a shortfall. >> a glimmer of hope in a struggling city. a clothing store opening. the picture is grim. mayor booker plans to slash spending everywhere. >> one thing that caught our attention, you said you are cutting back on toilet paper? >> i am telling you we will stop spending on everything from printer paper to toilet paper to stop washing windows, anything we need to do. everybody is watching us from bondholders to local residents worried about their fourth quarter tax bill. i would much rather go without some of these things than have my taxpayers, my homeowners and is renters face another cost of living increase. >> besides the prospect of having to bring in their own paper to toilet paper to work,
6:53 am
city workers could work a three-day workweek. a is city where the unemployment rate is 15%. all city pools are slated to shut next month. he hoped to raise revenue by converting the water system into a municipal utility authority. but the city council rejected that idea and accuses booker of using scare tactics. >> that's the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of. these are extreme things to force the counsel to participate or vote for municipal utilities authority that we think is bad public policy. >> this is not scare tactics but the fact of life right now. >> the next couple of years is predicted to be the most difficult that newark has seen in a long time. >> we will not only survive this but we will find ways to thrive.
6:54 am
>> mary snow, cnn. >> a lot of cities are in a bad spot. and you have to get kre yeahtive. >> no window washing, no copy paper, no toilet paper. four-day workweek. but it if keeps people on the job by telling them to bring their own toilet paper, i would do it. >> we all would. >> one guy who is out of his job, general stanley mcchrystal. he just had his retirement ceremony yesterday and he didn't go out without saying some words about the rolling stone article that got him out of a job. we will tell you what he said. ne to ge capital for money. they come to us for help. at ge capital, we've been financing taylor guitars for over eight years, helping them build a strong dealer network. bringing music to people... i like that. ♪
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♪ [ bob ] i didn't know you could play. i didn't either. ♪
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coming up on the top of the hour. general stanley mcchrystal, he was in all the head llines for while is now leaving the military. he retired on friday in a ceremony. >> you see it right there. this comes a month after and t.j. alluded to that, president obama accepted his resignation. negative remarks were detailed by mainly his aides about the administration but mcchrystal was involved as well. listen here to a little bit of the ceremony. >> this has a potential to be an awkward or strong resignation. i ended a career i loved that began over 38 years ago. and i left unfulfilled commitments i made to many
6:59 am
comrades in the fight, commitments i hold sacred. my service did not end as i would have wished. and there are misperceptions about the loyalty and service of some dedicated professionals that will likely take some time but i believe will be corrected. >> mcchrystal also showed a sense of humor. he is actually quite funny. he hinted that he had unflattering stories about friends in the audience, and he added, and i quote, i know the rolling stone reporter. >> that was on everybody's mind. >> i got tell you, i plaud that. >> everybody applauded his record. he was able to get out of the military, nice ceremony. >> now he can spend much more time with his wife. they spent years apart. >> and we hope you enjoy the next hour of cnn saturday morning.
7:00 am
hello to you all from the cnn senor. hope you are having a good one wherever you may be. >> thanks so much for joining us. it is 7:00 a.m. here in atlanta. 6:00 a.m. in mississippi. thank you for being here. everybody is watching the gulf this morning. bonnie is making its way across the region. they have to be careful drilling on the relief well has been suspended because of bonnie. >> out of washington d.c., 241 teachers laid off. fired. because they were not getting the job done in the classroom. we will explain what's happening. also this morning a lot of people using face book and twitter just to keep up with friends and family and so on. but some people are actually
7:01 am
using it to make some money. you increase your followers, you can increase your dollars. and we are trying to help one business locally get on board. we will have that story with financial analysts coming up. >> and back to bonnie. as she churns in the gulf, ships responding have been moved out of harm's way but the coast guard is still monitoring the saled oil well cap from the air and is via at the light. we have team coverage of bonnie's approach. jack sy is in the weather cente. let's start with jackie with the latest. >> hey guys. bonnie is moving very quickly and making a beeline towards the louisiana, mississippi coast. it has weakened a lot and it is now a tropical depression. you can't even identify the center of circulation.
7:02 am
maximum winds, 35 miles an hour. the big impacts will be the showers and thundershowers. here you can see that bonnie could intensify just a little wit he bit here. we still expect it to be tropical depression or tropical storm when it makes landfall and probably a minimal one at that. we will see those winds begin to push the oil back on shore. that is the bad news of this. that will bring some of it further than it will go. winds may be 30 miles per hour as it makes landfall.
7:03 am
has y has this thing been weakenin weakening. there are warnings in effect though. tropical storm warnings. and is we are expecting in the tropical storm force conditions will be possible by early this afternoon. that will mostly be in the form of squall lines as we call them. they should pick up in intensity throughout the day. so not really expecking flood issues. another big story is the heat. there are a lot of heat advisories in effect here. we will continue to track
7:04 am
bonnie. we are expecting landfall. >> they could leave this new cap and get out of there, get the ships out in case the storm came. even if the ships are gone they could keep the cap on. so they got this thing in place just in the nick of time. >> they think it is secure. they have been testing it. the tests have all shown that it is rerelatively secure. >> she was talking about when bonnie moved across florida this was never a power house. never a strong one.
7:05 am
you have the upper level low and had that not been there this storm could have gotten a lot stronger. taking place locally here. it's all about the people. no longer about the cap. plus, you have to remember it is nearly a mile below the sea level. so again it us a all about moving the personnel. they have been trying to contain the oil. putting them in safe harbor. sha tha being said there will be a small floater out there that will take at least a listen if you will using sonar and seismic instrument tags to monitor that cap. plus they have got the two robots that will be moving around the cab and taking a quick look at that.
7:06 am
if the seas get rough they will be able to use satellite observation. the thing to remember is if you have got thick cloud cover you will not be able to deploy or use that remote sensing. a lit toll the southwest they have been putting out absor bant boom, taking some of the boom soaked with oil and is storing it away from the coastline, prepare preparing for the possibility of strengthening. back into is louisiana here. >> one thing you said earlier that is fascinating and true is this is a dress rehearsal. this is where a lot of activity.
7:07 am
hurricanes and all that stuff. >> we have had instances where you have seen storms form after that point. sure you have to hold off but we are still gaining much in terms of experience. never handled anything like this. >> we will be checking in with you. >> can you imagine driving down the street and you fall into a hole that is 20 feet deep? >> that sounds like an absolute nightmare. this happened to the man inside this suv. you will hear from him next. i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there.
7:08 am
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♪ bingo! look at this one. you can video chat with me, honey. mom, go get the car! he's in such a hurry to learn. [ male announcer ] buy any laptop and get geek squad support for six months. online, on the phone, or in-store. we love to talk about cars. you should hear us on the commercial break. driving down the street when the road opens up beneath you. it looks terrifying when a giant sink hole appeared out of nowhere. >> go ahead and take a look. but yes, he fell into that. you see his suv sitting down there, the black truck. thereon him now describe this whole thing. >> when i landed my head snapped
7:10 am
back and i went unconscious and when i looked up i remember just being like everything was coming over the top. i thought to myself if i don't get out quick enough i might not make it out. >> he did make it out. about 200 homes and businesses should have their power up and running this morning. we see these once in a while certainly when you have a lot of rain and weather streets and roads get saturated and these can happen. they are scary as all get out. >> i mean that's huge! that's terrifying. i would not be talking on the camera. i would be in the corner. >> no you would not. >> yes i would. >> this sounds like something you would be at.
7:11 am
a bunch of people dressed up like super heroes. i make fun of this every year. you tell me i shouldn't because this is is big money, it's a big deal. >> true. just like you making fun of the world cup. josh will be telling us about comi con. >> here is is the deal now. cities are battling, trying to steal this convention away. so as it takes off, i will tell you about the impact it's having on the economy and which a-list stars are on their way. lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't getting discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me. yeah, i got carried away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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7:13 am
♪ batman >> i get it now. i get this thing. it might not be my thing, but it's a thing to a lot of people. it is big money and big business. i respect money. when you think about comi con, you think about geeks dressed up in crazy costumes. >> he said it. these days you will still see all of that. the funny costumes. could be very serious costumes. but there is something new. hollywood studio execs. they know there is big money to be made using economic book characters on the big screen. he is is going break down the
7:14 am
numbers. >> i think it says something. i am not involved in the discussions. >> trust me i am used to it at this point. i get it every day. i am surprised by these numbers. the bigger reason the studio execs want to be there and so many people turn out. here are some of the pictures behind me. you have 130,000 at least people expected to take part this year in just a few days and listen to this number. more than $163 million impact to san diego. that's what a convention group is saying there now. that explains why so many other cities are interested. $163 million every year. the reason is so many people are interested in sci-fi. we have sound from inside this year's convention. take a look. >> i have been wanting to come to comi con for years and years. tickets are hard to get but i
7:15 am
absolutely love it. >> comi con is a great experience. you just go there, see the people vrks a great time. i mean some of us, we have like old friends that we never get to see until this time of year. >> you guys are supposed to be what? i know, but say it. >> honestly? >> these are just freebies that we found. >> there are tons like that. that's what we keep hearing. you go there and you get the swag. take a look at the line this is the line. we have video of people lining up before the doors even opened the other day. one of the reasons is yes, tons of people will get in but the first people get into some of the more vip areas where the big stars come. angelina jolie, brad pith, the line keeps going.
7:16 am
the tv show dwlee apparently had a premier there last year. believe it or not at we have a whole section all about this. we want to reach you all here. it's on my facebook and twitter pages. if you want to see some of the latest, go i assume you guys will be spending time there? >> i have a great idea. you should also go to all of josh's pages which i can't list them all. facebook, twitter, and tell him what costume he should wear. >> oh no. >> i think that is a great idea. >> i am in trouble now. >> wasn't it here last year? what was that thing we had here in town? was comi con here? >> there was another convention. a economic book convention. >> dragon con. i just saw people walking down the street dressed weirdly.
7:17 am
>> you assume it could be lack of sleep. >> you assume. >> for a lot of people out there, people are looking for ways to boost your business. we have a way you can advertise for free and reach the world. how? social media. it can make you some money and we are sending our finance guy out to a local jeweler to convince him. he better get with it. ben & jerry: my two best friends. what would i do for a klondike bar? you don't wanna know. i am so happy right now. ♪ just so happy.
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>> let's get a quick check of our top stories. at least five missiles are believed to have hit a compound. the region used to be a nerve center until an offensive chased most of the fighters away. the u.s. military does not comment on reported drone attack
7:20 am
s. a year to improve on the job or they can get fired as well. and a new escalation of pensions on korea. this time it's over joint military exercises by the u.s. and is south korea set to begin tomorrow. the u.s. defense department says the drills are in response to the singeing of a south korean war ship. it will counter the exercises with powerful nuclear deterrence. >> people are disappointed with how the president is handling the economy. our survey indicates that 42 prs of americans give the president a thumbs up on the
7:21 am
economy with 57% saying they disapprove. democrats and republicans obviously don't see eye to eye but what about independent voters? what's behind these tough numbers? with unemployment near 0%, it seems americans don't have much to cheer about. remains issue number one. if these issues hold up. kate? t.j.? >> thanks to paul. coming up we are going show every small business owner out there a way you can get free advertising and reach the entire world. our clyde anderson will explain coming up next.
7:22 am
7:23 am
all right. you know abfacebook, twitter. social media. just this week facebook hit 500 million users. but you can use these sites for more than building up fans, friends, and followers. you can use them to make some money. we visited one local business that is not using social media. >> did you realize that just recently facebook hit 500 million visitors. active participants. did you realize that? >> i didn't realize that. >> that's huge.
7:24 am
like a small country. are you currently using social media? >> no. everything here has been word of mouth for ten years. >> you have been doing good with word of mouth? >> fantastic. >> now you can int fwrat social media and there is no telling what could happen. let's talk about how we can get you involved and what we can do help you out. >> okay. >> i got a couple questions for you. the first thing that we have to look at is having a strategy. as part of that you have to have people in place that can assist you. do you have people here? >> i have is people. i have my assistant and my administration person. we are a complete jury story and i to have those people in place.
7:25 am
>> how many people we have come through this door kayly? so if we have is maybe like you said the social media they could stop more. >> this is where we're going start. this is right after google so people are really looking for video. we want to start there and get you going. getting people following you. building content and having relationships beginning to develop. >> sounds great. >> we want to make sure that we don't eat the whole elephant at once. ease you into it. we got make sure that the people you have are active participants or customer s s.
7:26 am
>> i can imagine whatever you are -- we're going find out who is using social media. we can build the data base even more. even if they are not buying right now. >> the next thing we want to do is integrate video into it. people want it now. video has become the new text. going to make sure you have video and integrating that into your blog. people can see and learn and is
7:27 am
educate about the process. >> consistency is the key. just like people get the newspaper every day, they will expect something from you every day. so we got make sure the consistency is there. we will jump out there and fete you on social media. >> i have a supporting cast so they will make sure that i get everything done right in a proper manner and keep things going. >> all right. they're going get on social media sites. we will check back with them to see just how it helped him out. kate andly be back at the top of the hour with more live news but after the break we will see the dr. coming up. how far away is ? okay, we take a train 40 miles to a dude ranch where we pick up a couple of horses that we ride to a nearby river. then we canoe upstream to a helicopter
7:28 am
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